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Middle School Matters - Dec 16, 2016

General Announcements:

Christmas Break begins Dec 21. School resumes Jan 03.

Thank you 6-8 middle school families for coming to our concert last night! We loved performing for you. Merry Christmas!

Fifth Grade:

Join us for our potluck lunch on Tuesday, Dec. 20 at 12:15 in the commons! Sign up online if you would be willing to bring something to share.

Art: We will be finishing print up and after Christmas break we will be working with clay for our ceramics unit.    

Band: Band resumes Jan 03!

Bible: The Jesse Tree Project is almost done. Your 5th grader can show you their work at home on Google by Christmas Break. We help lead chapel on Tue, Dec 20 at 8:15am. Please join us in the gym!

Language Arts: We are reading and working on taking notes for our biography. We’ve also learned how to create a bibliography for our research online!

Math: This week we reviewed coordinate grids and the order of operations (Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally…). After Christmas Break we will dive hard into fractions.

Orchestra: Our next 5th grade practice is January 3, due to 5th and 6th grade chapel practice.

Sixth Grade:

Art:  We took a quiz today on drawing a proper portrait. We continue to work on our self-portraits. After break we will create self-portrait inspired by Picasso. Please check the homework calendar for due dates on sketchbooks and projects.  

Band: Yay band! Wonderful work for the concert! Have a Merry Christmas! New music is coming. 

Bible 6W: We will be leading our ACS community in Christmas chapel next week Tue Dec 20 at 8:15am in the North Gym. Please come join us!

Bible 6Ki:  These students have worked so hard on their Bible tests. They are learning to articulate what the Bible means, why it was written, and how the Old Testament points to the New Testament. Your student may have some typing to do over the weekend. Please ask him/her to show you what s/he has done! Four of the six questions need to be typed by Monday.

History: Great work on the Egypt Glogster Posters. If you have not seen them, have your child show you their work. We are beginning a new unit on Mesopotamia that will continue into January.

Language Arts: We will work on Christmas synonyms and chapel preparation next week!

Orchestra: We will play new music this Monday and Tuesday

Science: We’ve been studying density and convection. We even took a trip to visit Mr. Boerkoel to see various demonstrations of this as we begin to consider its impact on weather.

Spanish: 6th graders are rocking the comparisons today! We will continue Monday.

Seventh Grade:

Art: 7th graders are working on both their organism signs and cutting their positive/negative robot design out.  Please check the homework calendar for due dates on sketchbooks and projects.  

Band: Great Job Band! New music coming next week. Can you send a snack to share for Tuesday?

Bible: (Wanner) working on prayer yet and learning about the various principles of pray.  

Bible: (Huttenga) Students are working on a project in which they describe the process of sanctification in a series of haikus.

Language Arts: We are wrapping up our unit on the book Trouble  by Gary Schmidt.

Pre-Algebra: Chapter 6 Test on Monday. Many review materials are on moodle.

Orchestra: We will turn in all music from our concert-YAY-beautiful performance! We will play new music on Mon and Tues. Send in a snack for a Tues party (everyone will sign up for one on Monday)

Spanish: No Spanish this week. Wishing all a muy feliz navidad.

Eighth Grade:

Art: 8th graders have started working on a project related to Minimalist artist Frank Stella. After break the 8th grade will return to their ceramic to glaze the fired pots. Please check the homework calendar for due dates on sketchbooks and projects.  

Band: Great Job Band! New music coming next week. Can you send a snack to share for Tuesday?

Bible (Huttenga): Students continue to work through our unit on The Last Battle  by CS Lewis.

Bible (Westrate): Matthew 5:1-12 quiz on Monday. We will pick up our study of the Gospels when we return from Christmas Break.

Language Arts: Students will have a test on The Pearl Monday. The final drafts of NHD must be turned in at the end of class on Tuesday.

Pre-Algebra Enhanced: Monday’s topic will be Percent of Change and Error. Tuesday we will not have class due to the all school Chapel.

Orchestra: Music will be turned in on Monday and we will sight read new music. Send in your snack for Tuesday!

Science: We’ve created models of compression waves and transverse waves using Slinkies this week in class. We’ve learned some vocabulary to assist us in discussing several kinds of waves and the types of energy they transfer.

Spanish: 8th graders took their unit test yesterday.  Rather than begin a new unit one day before break, we will look at how Christmas is celebrated in Hispanic cultures on Tuesday.