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Middle School Matters - Dec 04, 2015

General Announcements:

Parade! The Ada Christmas Parade is tomorrow - -  Saturday - -  for the ACS 6th-8th grade Bands! All band members and musical family members are welcome to ride and play. Arrive at McDonalds at 10:30am, parade begins at 11:00am, and is done at the fire station by 11:30am. Need a permission slip? Parents are welcome to walk with us, parents with company logo on their vehicles could follow us in our little convoy, (email Mrs. VN so she can tell the fire dept you are coming) and we need strong dads to move the hay bales onto the semi and back off into Mrs. Wittenbach’s truck after we ride. Please come - it is super fun! Fa la la la la!!!!

Concert! The Middle School (Grades 6-8) Christmas Concert is Tuesday, Dec 15 at 7:00pm in the ACS Gymnasium. Call time is 6:30pm. All ACS middle school students have a part in this concert, and should be wearing white and black for the event (white on top, black on the bottom). All white and black must meet the ACS dress code. We are excited to celebrate the birth of Christ with you!

Fifth Grade:

Christmas Luncheon: On Dec 18 from 12:00-1:00, we will have our traditional “last day before Christmas break” luncheon in the commons. We would like to invite all parents who are able to attend to enjoy this time with us! We will need volunteers to bring hot dishes, salads, and desserts. Look for a Sign-up Genius to come home soon!

Art: the 5th grade has begun learning about Maria Martinez and working to make coil pots.  

Band:  Pages 15 and 16.  Dec practice calendars went home this week. Here we go!  

Bible: We will spend time the next two weeks on Advent.

Language Arts: We started work this week on our famous Americans in preparation for Wax Museum in January. We will continue to research, write outlines, and then a paper for the next two weeks.

Math: Test next Wednesday on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals.

PE: We will continue with our basketball unit.

Science: Groundwater!

Social Studies: Early America...a growing nation and the study of how our government works.

Spanish: Students are playing “I spy” in Spanish, using clothing to identify their subjects. We will continue this unit and have our test after Christmas Break. Students can also be working on their memory verse. Here are links to help them practice:  (written out) (audio)

Sixth Grade:

Art: The 6th graders have begun their second self-portrait as an Egyptian Pharaoh. Please make sure to be reviewing for the upcoming portrait quiz. Please watch the homework calendar for project and sketchbook due dates.

Band: Ada Parade is tomorrow - then, our Concert is Dec 15! We will have regular Christmas Quizzes on our music up until then.

Language Arts:  Weekly Work #7 due on Tuesday and a brief quiz on the elements of short stories on Wednesday. Next week we will be reading several short stories and filling in a plot diagram for each story as well. In addition we are focussing on the many rules for capitalization.

Math: We will continue to study integers. Next week we will specifically be reviewing adding and subtracting integers and learning how to multiply and divide integers.

PE: We will continue with our basketball unit. There will be a test at the end of the unit. A review sheet is posted on Moodle.

Science: We will have a test on atoms, elements, and the periodic table on Thursday, Dec 10.

Spanish:   6th graders have a big TEST coming up:  6K on Monday, Dec 7th, and 6D on Tuesday, Dec 8th.  There is a practice test on Quia, and several resources in the highlighted box on Moodle.

Seventh Grade:

Algebra (7th): Presently working on chapter 6 which covers solving and graphing linear inequalities.

Art: 7th graders are working hard to complete the final step of building their positive and negative robots. This project must be complete (built) by next week Friday. Please check the homework calendar for due dates. There is a sketchbook due next.  

Band:   The Ada Parade is tomorrow, and our Concert is Dec 15! We will have regular Christmas Quizzes on our music up until then.

Bible: We’ve been studying the story of Jonah. Students will write a detailed version of the story and also tell it in the next 2 weeks.

Language Arts: 7th grade students need to be prepared for the big quiz on The Westing Game this coming Wednesday. We’ve finished the simulation, so now students are reading the story to figure out all the mysteries that may have eluded them during the games. Ask students about the quiz essay to learn why we tackled this story in such an unconventional way (hint: we were learning more about Pastor Billy’s emphasis on “proximity” - getting to know someone for who they truly are so that we can better foster a Christ-like relationship with them). Once the quiz is done, we will be wrapping up the 2015 year with quick study of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol!

PE: We will continue with our basketball unit. There will be a test at the end of the unit. A review sheet is posted on Moodle.

Science: Quiz next week Thursday over bees, wasps and hornets.

Spanish:  “Peppy Preposition Project PPT’s” are due Tuesday, the 8th!

Eighth Grade:

DESSERT THEATRE:  If there are any conflicts that may affect your student’s ability to participate in any rehearsals, please let Mrs. Weaver know ASAP.  The final schedule will be coming out soon and it imperative that everyone be at rehearsals unless otherwise noted ahead of time.  We started with read-through/sing-throughs this week, and it is very encouraging to be starting the rehearsal process with everyone already being so prepared!  Weekly link:

Art:  The 8th graders have a calligraphy project due next week Thursday for 8A and Friday for 8B. In class we are learning about Minimalist artist Frank Stella and will be creating a minimalist family portrait. Please check the homework calendar for sketchbook and project due dates.   

Band: The Ada Parade is tomorrow, and our Concert is Dec 15! We will have regular Christmas Quizzes on our music up until then.

Geometry: There will be a test this coming Tuesday and Wednesday.

Language Arts: In class, the 8th graders are continuing a study of short stories. We are using the unit to refresh our memories on essential components of story structure (eg: exposition, conflict, rising tension, etc), as well as furthering our exploration of identity. Throughout these stories, the main characters grapple with scenarios that either reveal - or challenge- ideas of “who they are”. As we move forward in class, we will continue to learn that God provides many unique gifts and opportunities that define us in ways we may not always recognize. In the coming days, we will be studying “The Veldt” and “The Moustache” by Ray Bradbury and Robert Cormier (respectively). I will be sending a brief summary of each story and its intended focus to parents. Students will receive feedback on their NHD research on Monday, Dec. 7. Final drafts are due Friday, Dec. 18

PE: We will continue with our basketball unit. There will be a test at the end of the unit. A review sheet is posted on Moodle.

Science: Unit test on Weather & Water Investigations 1-10 on Friday, Dec 11.

Spanish:  Take-home TESTS (on “tener que” and “acabar de”) due: 8A on Monday, Dec 7, and 8B on Tuesday, Dec 8. Instructions are on Moodle. Students will need to take pictures around the home and possibly need some photo talent (family members) to help with these projects!


Basketball (grades 5&6): The 5th and 6th grade basketball season is off to a great start, schedules have been released and we are looking forward to watching the upcoming games!  

Basketball (grades 7&8): The 7th and 8th grade pre-season tournament will be on Saturday, Jan 9 with the regular season starting the week of Jan 11. Game schedules for 7th and 8th grade will most likely be released late during Christmas break. We will get schedule information to you as soon as possible.