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Middle School Matters - Dec 02, 2016

General Announcements:

Spirit Shop: Our online Spirit Shop will be open for the first week of December! AND -- no more shipping fees! Take a look at this brochure Order here!

Christmas Gift Shop: On Thursday and Friday, December 08 and 09, the ACS Commons will again be transformed into a Christmas Gift Shop for your children to select Christmas gifts for their parents and siblings. All middle school students will shop during a designated shopping time on Friday where they may select and wrap their gifts. Students should bring money and a brown bag for transporting. On Friday at 2:00pm, we will open the Christmas Gift Shop to parents – feel free to come in and shop alone (or with your children after school) for other relatives, secret santa, or anyone else on your list. We will stay open until 3:30pm. If you have more than one child at ACS, please send each child with their own spending money, rather than writing one large check. This helps us tremendously during checkout, as your children will probably not be shopping together at the same time. Thank you!

Grades 6-8 Christmas Concert is Thu Dec 15 at 7:00pm. Concert attire for all is Black and White.

Fifth Grade:

On December 20 from 12:15-1:00, we will have our traditional “last day before Christmas break” luncheon in the commons. We would like to invite all parents who are able to attend to enjoy this time with us! We will need volunteers to bring hot dishes, salads, drinks, and desserts. Look for a Sign-up Genius to come home soon!

Art: Continuing to print our block designs in a rainbow of colors.  

Band: Great job on your first ever band concert!! Way to go!!!!!

Bible: We will spend time the next two and a half weeks on Advent.

Language Arts: We began our newest unit yesterday on Informational/Explanatory writing. We started by looking at magazines to determine our audience and purpose and will write an article for our own magazine next week. We will continue this unit until Christmas break.

Math: Test next Wednesday on adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing decimals.

Orchestra: Wonderful performance on your very first concert!!! Thanks to all parents and family members for your love and support!

PE: We will continue our basketball unit.

Spanish: We’re studying “Ropa!” (clothing)

Sixth Grade:

Art: We will be working on drawing self portraits for the next couple of weeks. Please check the homework calendar for sketchbook due dates and project due dates.  

Band: The MS Christmas Concert is Thu 12.15. We are getting ready! Ask for a preview!

Bible Koetje (6Ki): Students are working on a project in class.

Bible Westrate (6W): We continue our study of wisdom literature. Our quiz over Proverbs 3:1-12 will take place on Thu 12.08. Students have a pink packet that we’ve been using to record class thoughts and discussions. Quiz questions are included.

History: As a conclusion to our Ancient Egypt unit, students began a project this week that will be our main focus next week. Each student picked a different topic about Ancient Egypt that they will research and present their findings on an online poster. They will be researching, writing paragraphs, finding pictures, and creating a movie with their information. The entire project will be due on Monday, Dec. 12 when they will share their posters with the rest of the class. There will be no Global Studies Weekly next week, because their focus should be on this project.  

Language Arts: Students will have quiz on the elements of a short story and 10 vocabulary words.

Math: We just completed our chapter about Ratios and Rates. We will now begin learning about integers.

PE: We will continue our basketball unit.

Orchestra: Perform all of your music for your family this week! MS Christmas Concert is Dec15.

Science: We’ve become experts on density. We will consider how it impacts weather on our planet.

Spanish: TEST next Friday, December 9th: Resources for studying are on Moodle and there is a helpful handout, also. Topics included: Hair color, length, texture, and eye color. Remember that Quia exercises from this unit are helpful study tools, too!

Seventh Grade:

Algebra (7th): Chapter 8 Test thursday on Exponents.

Art: Working on completing the drawing of a robot to help with a problem that we have in life and 7th graders are working on creating a design for their organism signs. Robot designs must be drawn on to the final manila sheet of paper by Tuesday. Please check the homework calendar for sketchbook due dates and project due dates.  

Band: The MS Christmas Concert is Thu 12.15. We are getting ready!

Bible Wanner: This week we will be looking at the Lord’s Prayer.

Bible Huttenga: We are thinking about our identity through Christ by exploring concepts of baptism.

History: We will be preparing for a test on East Asia next week.

Language Arts: We will be working through our unit on the novel Trouble, by Gary Schmidt.

PE: We will continue our basketball unit.

Math: We will continue to study algebraic expressions.

Orchestra: Work on spiccato bowing and dynamics-on the Christmas pieces! Middle School Christmas Concert is 12.15!

Science: We will continue our study of Investigation 1 “Earth is Rock”. We will likely have a quest the week of 12.12.

Spanish: We’re still in the kitchen (cocina) and will be getting into regular verb conjugations.

Eighth Grade:

Algebra: We are working on chapter 6 on solving inequalities. Some students may be choosing to do an extra assignment to improve their chapter 5 test scores early next week.

Art: 8th graders have 2 more classes to complete the construction of their ceramic slab pot. If your 8th graders needs more time to work on these pots they are welcome to come in before or after school or at lunch time any day. Please check the homework calendar for sketchbook due dates and project due dates.  

Band: The MS Christmas Concert is Thu 12.15. We are getting ready!

Bible Westrate: We’re beginning with a study of how the Old and New Testaments are linked together and how we, too, are part of God’s story.

Bible Huttenga: We are beginning with a study of C.S Lewis’s The Last Battle. This book will tie to our later study of confusion and conflict in the early Church.

Geometry: We have completed chapter 6 and will now be studying how to prove that triangles are congruent.

History: We are learning about the presidency of Thomas Jefferson. Some topics we will be covering next week include the Lewis and Clark expedition and the War of 1812.

Language Arts: Concluding our unit on The Pearl, then focusing on individual book trailers and NHD revisions - these items will occupy much of our time until Christmas break

PE: We will continue our basketball unit.

Orchestra: Middle School Christmas concert is 12.15! Call time will be 6:20 sharp!

Science: Planetary Science test on Tue 12.06. Our next unit will be “Waves.”

Spanish: We are using the verbs, “bringing and putting,” and learning direct object pronouns, too.