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Middle School Matters - Apr 28, 2017

General Announcements:

Grand Friends Day is Fri May 05 - 6th-8th bands and orchestras need to wear their black and white clothes this day, this is also a half day for students, dismissing at 11:30am

No School Mon May 08 (Teacher Professional Dev Day)

2017-18 GR Christian JV Hockey Tryouts, Current Middle School 7th & 8th Graders Welcome

When: Mon May 01 - 5:00-6:00pm, Wed May 03 5:00-6:00pm
Where: Eagles Ice Center, 2600 Village Dr SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49506


  • Birth years 2000-2004 welcome
  • Attending GRCHS is preferred -but not a requirement
  • No Games on Sunday
  • Preseason: 9/11/17-10/28/17
  • Reg. Season 11/6/17-3/11/18
  • Practices M&W 4:00-5:00pm
  • Coach Todd Baines
  • Contact Manager Gregg Betz with any questions 616-453-4429 or

Fifth Grade:

FIFTH GRADE CAMP - Initial letter home next week! We can’t wait for this outdoor learning adventure with the kids.

Art: 5th graders are working on a project in connection with artist Wayne Thiebaud.

Band: Concerts May 05 and Jun 05. Plan to wear nice clothes for these 2 events. Yay us! Go band! Full band Mon, Tue, Thu until June 06.

Bible: This week our focus is finishing our Jesus Projects! We hope to have these bound by Grandfriends Day! We will start working on our Bible maps as we finish these books.

Language Arts: We are finished with our persuasive essays and they came home yesterday! Thank you for helping your child with revising and editing! We continue to do some free writing and will take a story we have written to a finished product. Wild about Reading is about halfway done, keep working on your reading and projects!

Math: The geometry test that we took this week came home yesterday. The year is flying by, and we are up to our last unit already - measurement. We will be doing all sorts of measuring of length, capacity and mass.

Orchestra: Concerts May 5 and June 5. Bring instruments this week Mon, Tues, Thursday AND Friday for GF day!

PE: We will learn how to play Eclipse Ball Jr. next week!

Science: We will do some interesting investigations with solutions with different “concentrations”. We’re looking forward to our field trip to Calvin College in a few weeks for Chemistry demonstrations. We talk daily about elements, atoms and the microscopic make-up of all things.

Social Studies: We wrapped up our study of the Civil War today. We’ll end the year by studying 20th century American history and focusing on industrialization and technological change. Next week though the students will all investigate their ancestry…..leading up to grandparents in the building next Friday.

Spanish: We are learning the Spanish alphabet and phonetics of this beautiful language.

Sixth Grade:

Art: 6th graders should have completed their ceramic animal effigy bowls today in class. However, if this was not complete your student will need to work on completing this next week before school, during noon room, or after school. Please talk to your student about their progress on this project. Additionally, there is a ceramic terms quiz on the May 12 - please study the green ceramic terms sheet. Please check the homework calendar for project and sketchbook due dates.

Band: Plan to wear Black and White for May 05 GF day, and also Black and White for May 18 concert at ACS.

Bible (6Kiser): We continue to learn about and write psalms of various kinds.

Bible (6W): We will learn about the tabernacle and how it points to Jesus.

History: Lesson 2 of Ancient Rome should be complete before Monday so we can continue to learn more about Ancient Rome in Lesson 3 next week. If you have not completed the Armor of God questions with your child this should be done by Monday.

Language Arts: WOW! What a fabulous Fine Arts Night! Congratulations to the the sixth graders who worked so hard! The displays were beautiful and the food was delicious. Thank you, parents, for your encouragement during this project! Next week, the students will learn the techniques of giving a successful speech and give their persuasive speeches in front of the class! This will conclude our World Fair project (sniff, sniff).

Math: We are wrapping up our unit on area and perimeter. There will be a test on Tuesday and then we begin studying volume and surface area.

PE: We will learn how to play Eclipse Ball Jr. next week! There is an Activity Log assignment due on Wednesday.

Orchestra: Wear Black and White for this week Friday- concert for Grand Friend Day!

Science: A test over our Diversity of Life investigations to this point will occur on Thursday. A review has been posted on moodle. Students are encouraged to fill out the review and come to school with questions.

Spanish: We have completed our 6th grade curriculum and will be reviewing 3rd - 6th material for our remaining classes.

Seventh Grade:

Algebra (7th): We will continue working through Chapter 12

Art: 7th grade continue to work on their photography unit. Next week students will begin work on their final triptych narratives with these photographs need to be shot and ready to edit on May 9. Some students maybe to working on these photos at home due to the nature of their triptych ideas. Please check the homework calendar for project and sketchbook due dates.

Band: Plan to wear Black and White for May 05 GF day, and also Black and White for May 18 concert at ACS.

Bible Wanner: We will complete our unit on prayer next week with writing an ACTS modeled prayer for the devotional that were created at the begin of the school year.

Bible Huttenga: Once students finish their projects on Thankfulness, they will be doing a character study of Biblical figures.

History: We will be reviewing Chapter 3 next week in preparation for a test on Thursday. Students will have access to a review sheet and flashcards starting today.

Language Arts: The 7th graders will be taking the year’s final DEA test on Monday and Tuesday (May 01 & 02). Throughout the rest of the week, the students will be focusing on grammar and sentence structure to prepare to do final revisions for the last draft of the Paideia research project. Students are encouraged to be reading a novel for their final one-pager reading assignment, due May 19.

PE: We will play Eclipse Ball Jr. next week!

Math: We are beginning our last chapter! Next week we will be studying statistics and we will also begin reviewing key concepts from the year.

Orchestra: Wear Black and White for the G F day concert- this week- May 5!

Science: We will begin investigating producers and the impact they have on an ecosystem.

Spanish: Students presented really creative “cuentos” (stories) using their arsenal of verbs on Thursday. Next, we will begin reviewing numbers to 100, then add on until we reach 999,999,999.

Eighth Grade:

Algebra: We are working on proportions next week and we will be taking the DEA Math test on Wednesday and Thursday.

Art: 8th graders need to have their calligraphy projects completed by next week Wednesday, May 3. Students may come in before school, during lunch, or after school to get these projects done. Next week will engage in a quick unit on street art. Please check the homework calendar for project and sketchbook due dates.

Band: Dress up for May 04 Cascade Church concert field trip, Black and White for May 05 GF day, Black and White for May 18 concert at ACS.

Bible: The 8th graders will soon begin giving oral presentations to share and explain their Plumb-Bob verses to their classmates.

Geometry: We are wrapping up our trigonometry unit. Next we will begin our final chapter of the course and prepare for the final exam!

History: Next week we will be covering our last topics on the Civil War. Then we will begin reviewing for a test the following week.

Language Arts: The 8th graders will be taking the year’s final DEA test on Monday and Tuesday (May 1 & 2). They will then begin the final unit of the year, a novel study of Gary Schmidt’s Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy. Along the way, students will begin preparations for the end of the year LA exam.

PE: We will play Eclipse Ball Jr. next week!

Orchestra: Wear Black and White for the concert this week Friday- GF day!

Science: We’re studying heredity for the next couple of weeks. Don’t be surprised if your student asks you if you can roll your tongue or if you have a widow’s peak!

Spanish: Upcoming events: May 16 is a ”cumulative test,” which covers the main points of all we’ve learned from 3rd - 8th Spanish. Ideally, students will only need to glance over previous material (no cramming expected.) This should be an assessment of what they have already learned. We only have a few more classes of Spanish which we will use for cumulative activities and games for review. May 30 is our trip the the Mexican restaurant. If you would like to volunteer to come have some really authentic Mexican food with us, please let me know.