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Middle School Matters - Apr 22, 2016

General Announcements:

Fine Arts Night: Apr 28

Next week is Fine Arts Week at Ada Christian School! Thursday, Apr 28 is Fine Arts Night.

The halls will be alive with MANY things on this night.
6:30-8:30pm – the ACS hallways will be filled with AMAZING art work!
6:30-8:00pm – the North Gym will host our 6th grade World Fair!
6:30-7:30pm – the Library will be a place to experience our Elementary TECH EXPO!
6:30-7:00pm – the South Gym will ring with the sounds of our 7th grade band
7:00-7:30pm – the commons will resound with the work of our 7th/8th grade Orchestra
7:15-7:45pm – the South Gym will be blessed with the sounds of our 8th grade band
7:45-8:15pm – the South Gym will be filled with the sounds of our combined 8th grade band/orchestra followed by an honoring of our 8th grade musicians.

2016-17 Grand Rapids Christian JV Hockey Tryouts 7th & 8th Graders Welcome!

Monday   5/2/16 8:30PM-9:30PM
Wednesday 5/4/16 8:30PM-9:30PM

Eagles Ice Center

Questions? Contact Gregg Betz (, wk:616.453.4429)

Fifth Grade:

Art: In class we are working on creating art inspired by Wayne Thiebaud. Don’t forget to attend Fine Arts Night next Thursday and celebrate the artistic talents your and all the other students have been given.

Band: We are giving a Concert on Grand Friends Day, May 06! And, another concert on Monday, May 23. Keep the practice minutes coming! Full Band next Monday and Tuesday for all students.

Bible: Jesus project work continues! We will be sending home unfinished work to finish at home starting next week.

Language Arts: We are working hard on our persuasive essays! We will be working on our rough draft next week and hope to be ready for editing the following week.

Math: The geometry test that we took this week came home yesterday. The year is flying by, and we are up to our last unit already - measurement. We will be doing all sorts of measuring of length, capacity and mass.

Orchestra: The full orchestra will meet on both Monday and Tuesday April 25 and 26 so be sure to bring your instruments and music both of those days next week. They will not meet on Thursday due to Fine Arts Night.

PE: We will continue our tennis unit!

Spanish: What a great year! We are getting a head start on 6th grade and are learning the Spanish alphabet and importance of phonetics.

Sixth Grade:

Art: The 6th graders continue to work on clay with on more full class dedicated to building. Craftsmanship is being pushed in this project. Please encourage your student to do their best work. The ceramic quiz will be in couple of weeks and please encourage your student to keep studying those terms. Please check the homework calendar for due dates. Don’t forget to attend Fine Arts Night next Thursday and celebrate the artistic talents your and all the other students have been given.

Band: We are giving a Concert on Grand Friends Day, May 06! And, another concert on Monday, May 23. Keep the practice minutes coming! Full Band next Monday and Tuesday for all students, no band next Thursday due to World Fair/FA Night.

Bible: We will begin a Music Video Project on Monday. Bible Memory Choice # 2 due on Wednesday.

History: Continue working on Ancient Rome Lessons. Students should be part way through Lesson 3

Language Arts: This week we worked on persuading our classmates to visit our W.F. countries. We also will discuss and write introductory paragraphs, thesis statements and conclusion paragraphs for this paper. Next week, we will tie up loose ends and compile our portfolios. Display boards are due on Wednesday.

A few details about World Fair during Fine Arts Night on Thursday, April 28:

The night begins at 6:30 and ends at 8:00. Students should arrive to north gym around 6:15 wearing nice clothing. Parents often help students set up and put food in SMALL portions. Any extra “stuff” can go under the table. (Students/Parents should let me know if they need an outlet. If so, please bring an extension cord.) Students will need to stay by their boards from 6:30-7:30.

At the end of the night, all food and artifacts can go home, BUT PORTFOLIOS AND DISPLAY BOARDS MUST STAY AT SCHOOL.

These students have worked SSSOOOO hard and have learned so much. Thanks for your support in this valuable project. It should be a fun night. Bring your camera and appetite!

Math: We move on from 2D shapes to 3D shapes. We will experiment with the volume and surface area of 3D shapes.

PE: We will continue our tennis unit!

Orchestra: The 6th grade string players are working so hard on their sheet music for Grand Friends Day concert. Ask for a mini concert this week! They are sounding fantastic. Thanks for your support.

Science: How does the Sun affect the temperature of locations on Earth? We’ll investigate this and have an iCheck quiz on Thursday.

Spanish: We are enjoying hearing about each other’s families - all in Spanish, of course! - during our Family Tree Presentations.

Seventh Grade:

Algebra (7th): Test over chapter 10 has been moved to Monday, April,25.

Art: The 7th grade will be work on drawing and shading with drawing pencils and tools in the nexts classes. The Layers of Life project should be completed for 7h and 7b today (4/22) and by the end of the school day on next Wednesday (4/27) for 7w. Please check the homework calendar for due dates. Don’t forget to attend Fine Arts Night next Thursday and celebrate the artistic talents your and all the other students have been given.

Band: Concert on Fine Arts Night - Call time is 6:15, concert in the South Gym on the big stage at 6:30, done by 7:00. We can’t wait to play for you! We will also be playing May 06 for Grand Friends Day.

Bible: The Jews are returning from exile. We’ll look at the start of the rebuilding of Jerusalem this week, considering how God’s people were impacted by their neighbors throughout this process. How can we use discernment in our culture to stand firm for God? Memory work: Haggai 2:6-9 due Friday.

History: We have been learning about many early English colonies in America including the Pilgrims, Puritans, and Quakers. Next week we will continue studying the different regions of America and learning who came and why they settled there. At the end of the week students will start working on a short project where they will have to create a brochure advertising their colony in hopes of getting more people from England to move to America.

Language Arts: 7th Graders have a brief reprieve from Paideia as Mr. Huttenga grades the third draft. In the meantime, students will be doing independent reading and some fun writing exercises.

PE: We will continue our tennis unit!

Pre-Algebra (Kiser): The likelihood of a Ch 10 Probability and Statistics test on Wednesday is 99.9%.

Pre-Algebra (Holtrop/Kralt): We are starting chapter 10 which is all about graphing. We start by graphing linear equations. We will look at how to graph given different information and different equations.

Orchestra: Our 7th and 8th grade string players will arrive to tune and warm- up at 6:30PM in the orchestra room on Thursday, April 28th, They are sounding fantastic! We are so excited to play for youat the Fine Arts Night concert.

Science: Students should be learning 10 birds each week for their bird call and visual identification test.

Spanish: Few things in Spanish cause as much confusion as the two verbs that both mean “to be” in English, but have different uses in Spanish. We are learning when to use which, while continuing our writing and speaking practices.

Eighth Grade:

Middle School Chapel on Wednesday

This coming Wednesday morning during Chapel, many 8th grade students will be sharing their favorite Bible verse and sharing why it is important to them. We like to call this annual tradition the “Plumb Bob Chapel,” and you are more than welcome to join us at 8:10.

Sports Physicals

Current 8th graders planning to play sports in high school in 2016-17 school year need to have a physical on file with the high school athletic office before they are allowed to participate. A valid physical for 2016-17 must be completed anytime on or after April 15, 2016. The MHSAA physical form is available to print out by clicking here.

GRCHS Theatre Dept Announcement

Greetings Incoming GRCHS Freshmen,

The Theatre Department is holding an after school workshop for students on May 9, from 3-5 PM followed by a meeting with parents from 5-5:30. This is a very important meeting for all who may be interested in auditioning for next year’s musical. It will be too late to make this choice when they arrive at the high school in the fall. We will look forward to meeting those who may be interested on Monday, May 9th.

Algebra (Witte): Students have been working really hard understanding all of the different ways that we can add, subtract, multiply, and factor polynomials. We will be reviewing early next week in preparation for our Chapter 10 test on Thursday.

Algebra (8th): Simplifying Radicals and working with quadratic equation is going to stretch our comfort this next week.

Art: 8th grade student have started work on the street art project. Please check the homework calendar for due dates. Don’t forget to attend Fine Arts Night next Thursday and celebrate the artistic talents your and all the other students have been given.

Band: Our biggest concert of the year is FA Night - Apr 28, on the big stage at 7:15. Call time is 7:00. Your students will be honored during this concert for their years of musical service to ACS. We have so much music to share with you!!! We are going to debut a piece written by our own Ashley Bowman. Hooray!!!

Bible: Rough Draft of Newspaper printed and due on Monday. Final draft, printed in color due on Wednesday. Plum-Bob verses due on Tuesday with short explantion paragraph. We will be using these in chapel on Wednesday.

Geometry: We will be moving into chapter 13. This brings with it some more proofs and the beginnings of trigonometry.

History: Over the last two weeks it has been great to see the interest that the students have in learning and understanding the key themes of the Civil War. Next week we will be focusing on the final events of the war including the Battle of Gettysburg, Sherman’s March to the Sea, and the surrender at Appomattox Courthouse.

Language Arts: 8th graders will spend one more week learning about the parts of speech and diagramming sentences. They will have a quiz to assess this practice on Monday, May 2. After that, we will begin our final literature unit and begin preparing for the exam!

PE: We will continue our tennis unit!

Orchestra: String players should be in the orchestra room by 6:30PM on Thursday April 28th to tune and warm up for the Fine Arts Night concert. We are looking forward to playing for you!

Science: There will be an iCheck quiz on Tuesday over what we’ve learned about igneous rocks, volcanoes, and earthquakes.

Spanish: 8B has a test today (Friday) on stem-changing verbs. Next week we begin in earnest to do our cumulative review. Some important upcoming events: 1) Placement testing for GRCH and Northpointe will be here at ACS on June 1st after lunch for your convenience. Students will be signing up today to indicate interest. The testing helps us (the high school advisors and myself) gauge how successful students would be going directly into Spanish 2. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly: ;2) I could still use a couple more parents to join us at “7 Mares” on Monday, May 23rd!


Track and Field: The track and field meet originally scheduled for Tuesday, May 10 has been moved to Wednesday, May 11. The time and location have not changed.

Soccer: Congratulations to both of our girls’ soccer teams on their wins this past week!