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Middle School Matters - Apr 10, 2017

General Announcements:

Welcome Back to School! Please check Power School on a regular basis to help your student finish the school year strong.

Please join us for our all school Easter Chapel Mon Apr 17 8:15am in the North Gym led by 7th and 8th graders.

PTO News and Needs

  • Open Position - Help Wanted - - The PTO is in search of a Grand Friends Day Co-Chair. This person would Co-Chair, this school year, with our presiding Grand Friends Chair. It will be a great opportunity to learn from our presiding Chair person who will be rotating off this committee. For the following year, we already have a parent who has committed to Co-Chair as well. Thus, making this a two person chair committee. This event will require a chunk of time the week of Grand Friends Day (Thursday and Friday) as well as a little bit of time pre-planning (making a of couple phone calls and shopping). It's really a fun event to be apart of! If you are interested or have questions, please contact Dawn Raymond at 616-238-6606.
  • School Cookbook Thank you to all who have submitted your favorite recipes so far! This is going to be one great cookbook! It will be filled with favorite recipes submitted by our wonderful ACS teachers and families. So, we need your favorite recipes! The cookbooks will be available at many school functions throughout the 2017-18 school year and beyond. We are collecting recipes now through the end of the school year. Please submit your recipes via photo copy and drop off in the office or click on this linkIf you are affiliated or know someone affiliated with a printing company, please contact Laura Kaminski at 616-460-6109 or .
  • Direct Your Dollars - Save your Forest Hills Foods and D&W receipts. Ada Christian School will receive a $1,000 check for every $150,000 we collect in receipts. This money will go directly toward providing a yearbook for each student in June 2017. Please start saving your receipts from Forest Hills Foods and D&W. Place your original receipts in the marked box in the ACS office. Questions? Please contact Kristen Yeh at

Fifth Grade:

Art: Students are learning about and working in the style of Alexander Calder’s wire sculptures.

Band: We will play a concert for our Grandfriends on Fri May 05 in the morning. We don’t usually have band on Fridays, so having your help to remember this would be great. Our end of year concert is Mon Jun 05 at ACS at 7:00pm. Please add this to your calendar! All welcome!

Language Arts: This week we start a new reading unit called “Wild About Reading.” Please read the information sheet coming home this week. It involves reading self-selected books and a menu of activities to go with those books. In writing we are focusing on free-writing as well as the writing process.

PE: We will begin a tennis unit this week. Students are welcome to bring in their own tennis racquets if they would like.

Science: Mixtures and Solutions Unit. Investigations into the fascinating world of what God made everything out of and how mankind has used these “elements” to create and invent. Thanks for your efforts in helping your student “create and invent” their technology projects that we tested before SB.

Social Studies: We are finishing up our study of our neighbors to the south and will jump back into where we left off in US History - 19th Century and the Civil War.

Sixth Grade:

Art: 6th grade students will be working on beginning their ceramic effigy animal pots this week. The worksheet handed out before spring break is due this Friday in class and students will not be allowed to work in clay until the worksheet is complete. Please check the homework calendar for due dates.

Band: We are building our musical skills, learning fundamentals, working as a musical team.

Bible: (6W) During this Holy Week, we will study the many ways Jesus death and resurrection fulfill the Old Testament promises.

History: We are continuing our study on Ancient Rome. Students should be working on lesson 2 on Moodle this week. During this lesson there is a section about the Armor of God that will need parent input by the end of the week. Global Studies Weekly #22 on Eastern Europe due on Friday.

Language Arts: We are busy with World Fair at school. All students should be working on display boards at home (instructions in child’s folder or on Moodle).

Please note the following due dates:

 4.11 Paragraph 3 (free choice)

 4.13 Peach checklist

 4.18 Food paragraph

 4.20 Newspaper

 4.26 Display boards (extra credit if turned in on 4.19)

 4.27 Fine Arts night (6:30pm)

PE: We will begin a tennis unit this week. Students are welcome to bring in their own tennis racquets if they would like.

Science: We will be using microscopes to explore God’s world in the next few weeks.

Spanish: 6th graders will finish up Family Tree Presentations this week, and then we begin our Memory Verse on Friday. There is a copy of the verse and an audio clip on Moodle, so students can be working on it anytime!

Seventh Grade:

Art: 7th graders Nevelson sculpture boxes must be put together and glue by the start of class on Tuesday. Please check the homework calendar for project due dates and sketchbook homework.

Band: We are preparing for our Fine Arts Night Concert on Thu Apr 27 at ACS in the evening. Stay tuned for more information!

Bible Wanner: In class this week we will be working on understanding and learning about meditation in prayer.

Bible Huttenga: Students will continue wrapping up our unit on sanctification. They will then be transitioning into a unit on thankfulness and gratitude.

History: We will be taking a quiz/test on Chapter 3: The Age of Exploration on Wednesday.

Language Arts: The 7th graders will continue to work on their Paideia projects- they will now be in the process of drafting the actual essay.

PE: We will begin a tennis unit this week. Students are welcome to bring in their own tennis racquets if they would like.

Spanish: We did not meet the week prior to Spring Break, so we will dive into a review of the -ar, -er, -ir verbs and take a practice test on Wednesday, then take the Verb Test on Thursday. Remember to use those Moodle resources to study at your leisure.

Eighth Grade:

Algebra: We are working through Chapter 10 this week which focuses on factoring polynomials.

Art: 8th graders are working their plumb-bob calligraphy verse and illustration in class. Student will need to be working on inking their calligraphy font early next week. Please check the homework calendar for project due dates and sketchbook homework.

Band: We are playing at the All School Easter Chapel on Mon Apr 17 at 8:15am. All are welcome to join us! We will give a special Fruit of the Spirit Concert for our families on Fine Arts Night at ACS on Thu Apr 27 - this is a special night for 8th graders - all parents and grandparents and family members are welcome! Each 8th grader will be mentioned and recognized and we will play loads of music. We will also be playing at Cascade Chr Church on Thu May 04 during school, and have our end of year concert on Thu May 18 at 7:00pm at ACS.

Bible: Students continue to work on the Plumb-Bob project. They will be held accountable for having their plumb-bob passage memorized by Wed 03.12. We will discuss oral presentation skills in the coming week and prepare for our presentations of our plumb-bobs.

History: We are continuing our study of the Civil War this week and next.

Language Arts: 8th graders will continue working through their unit on “The Diary of Anne Frank”.

PE: We will begin a tennis unit this week. Students are welcome to bring in their own tennis racquets if they would like.

Science: We will continue to study the brain and nervous system after spring break.

Spanish: This week Wednesday and Thursday from 3 - 4:30, we will have SPA CRAM! Students planning on testing for Spanish II or students automatically going into Spanish II can come to Sra. Weaver’s room for more intensive study and review. Testing for GRCH is scheduled to take place the following week. We are still awaiting details from the high school.


Uniforms: Please return all winter basketball uniforms to Miss Prins.