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ACS is seeking Summer Cleaning / Maintenance Team Members

The Summer Cleaning/Maintenance Crew will assist in the cleaning and care of our ACS facility and grounds.  


  • Faithful follower of Jesus Christ, active church member
  • Dependable, responsible and conscientious
  • Friendly, cordial personality
  • Demonstrates appropriate behavior
  • Commitment to the mission, vision and goals of ACS
  • Desire to learn
  • 14 years old or older


    • June 12 - August 4
    • 7am - 3:30pm, Monday - Thursday
    • Flexible days/hours (with prior arrangements) 


    • Starting at $12.00

    Ready to Apply?

    Here's what we need to know.

    Basic Information


    Provide the following information:

    1. Describe your relationships with Jesus Christ and share how that will influence your work at Ada Christian School. 

    2. Please tell us a bit about yourself, including church involvement, family and other activities. 

    3. Describe three qualities of an effective summer cleaning employee.

    4. What do you believe could be the most challenging aspect of being on the summer cleaning crew? 

    5. Please list any commitments or dates that could affect your ability to be at work between June 12 - August 4, Mon - Thurs, 7am - 3:30pm.

      Include the following statement and data in your response:

      In consideration of the receipt and evaluation of this application by Ada Christian School, I agree and represent that the information contained in the application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I also authorize any references listed on this application, or not identified in this application, to provide Ada Christian School, if asked, information regarding my character and fitness for employment.

      Signature (may be electronic)

      Submit Your Application

      Please email the information listed above to Nate Kiser, Assistant Principal.

      Ada Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, or national or ethnic origin. Prior to employment, all candidates must undergo a background check that includes fingerprinting and a performance check with former employers, in accordance with state law.