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Annual Society Meeting Summary
Mar 30, 2020

Dear Ada Christian Parents and Society Members,

Our virtual meeting was a wonderful opportunity to discuss and celebrate another year of Ada Christian School’s faculty, staff and parents partnered in equipping students for service in God’s world.

In our meeting, we received updates from our board highlighting progress made on our goals and objectives for this year. We appreciate the time, energy and prayers that so many people shared with us in reaching and exceeding our goals.


Budget & Tuition

Our Finance Committee and our ACS Education Foundation have been working very hard to offset increasing operating costs while maintaining the excellent education and environment our children enjoy. Their goal is to simplify the admissions process, tuition structure, and financial aid process in order to keep Ada Christian School accessible to all of those who desire to enroll. Our proposed budget, tuition and fees passed last evening (view).

Board Members

Volunteering for a leadership role and a three-year commitment to the school board is a significant commitment. Our gratitude goes out to everyone who agreed to participate in the board nominee selection process. The following candidates were chosen to represent us on our School Board:

  • Kristen Gruennert
  • Kristin O'Callaghan
  • Kurt Rewa
  • Melissa Shripka

Mike Hollander was also chosen to serve a one year term to fill a board vacancy.


Melissa Brower, our principal, shared with us the successes and our direction in curriculum, instruction and assessment. We believe our strong academics are a reflection of our commitment to educating the whole child – mind, body and soul in community and our dependence on Christ for wisdom and knowledge. 

It was a privilege to honor several of our faculty and staff members for their years of service to our students and for their dedication to our school. Thank You – Lois Boerman, Heather Niewiek, Dani Buchanan, Melissa Brower, Nickie Enders, Amberly Hoyer, Perianne Brander and Sheryl DeWeerd. Thank you, also, to our outgoing Board members – Allison Ferwerda, Colin Kraay, Scott Schrotenboer, and Sarah Wolters. We are grateful to all who have given so much of themselves to help make ACS what it is today.

Thank you for your continued support of Ada Christian.  Our school is in a very strong position and is a blessing to our students, families, staff and community because of your commitment.

Blessings to you and your family,

Colin Kraay, President
Ada Christian School Board of Trustees


New board members are:

Thank you to all who participated in this election process.

We are blessed!

View a PDF of the presentation.

An unapproved draft of the meeting's minutes is available for review.