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Middle School Matters - Apr 11, 2016 (Monday after SB)

General Announcements:

Welcome Back from Spring Break!

Be sure to take a look on Power School at missing work and help encourage your student to make up any missing items and then finish the school year strong!

Teachers Hold on for Victory Against 8th Grade Boys

Our male teachers dominated the court (until the last two minutes) and won an exciting game against the 8th grade boys’ basketball team, 28-27. It was exciting and full of action!

8th Grade Girls Outplay Teachers

A team of female teachers won a game, but lost the volleyball match to our talented 8th graders. There were plenty of bump, sets, and spikes, but the teachers could not outscore the students.  A fun, fun, fun time!

Fifth Grade:

Band:  Pages 25, 26, 27. Practice a bunch! Lots and lots of songs on those pages. Be sure to turn in March Practice Records!

Orchestra:  Welcome Back! We are going to warm up on lots of scales and then review pages 32 and 33. We will put together a super program for our May 06 concert-Grand Friends Day.

PE: We will learn how to play Eclipse Ball Jr. this week!

Spanish:  Quiz on places, a la & al,  and Voy, vas, vamos:  5H on Wednesday, 5B on Thursday, 5DW on Friday

Sixth Grade:

Band:  We will be giving a concert with the rest of the Middle School on May 06 for Grandfriend’s Day.

Bible:  We will continue looking at the life of Jacob and Joseph this week.  New choice for Bible memory verse were sent home on today. Look over the choices and help your child choose good verses to memorize, not just the shortest ones. We will need your signature on their choices.

History:  Continue studying Ancient Rome lessons on Moodle. Global Studies Weekly # 25 due on Friday.

Language Arts:  The next few weeks are important and busy for the 6th graders. We will finish writing our food “comparagraphs” this week as well as completing our newspapers for Friday, April 15. We will then begin working on our final portion of the World Fair project which is the persuasive paper. At home, students should be working on display boards. They are due on Wednesday, April 27 (the day before Fine Arts Night). If students turn the boards in a week early, they will receive extra credit.   

Math: We will be calculating area and perimeter of trapezoids and irregular shapes. Also we will review circumference of the circle.

PE: We will learn how to play Eclipse Ball Jr. this week!

Orchestra: Welcome Back! We will warm-up on scales and review some bowing  technique. New scales will be FLAT keys-pages 20 and 21. Our next concert is GrandFriends Day- on May 06!

Science: We will study convection this week. It has big impacts on weather!

Spanish:   Family Tree FINAL draft due Thursday!  See Moodle for details, and please use your approved rough draft so your final will be neat.

Seventh Grade:

Algebra (7th):  Continuing our study of Polynomials and Factoring

Band:  Fine Arts Night - April 28 - add to your calendar - this will be our big Spring Concert Extravaganza!

Bible: We will look at stories of Daniel and Esther this week.

History:  We are starting Chapter 3 this week which will focus on the first settlements in the United States including Roanoke, Jamestown, and Plymouth.  

Language Arts: The students will be focusing on the research portion of their essays this week, particularly in regards to bibliographies and in-text citations. Parents, you have received information about an important step in the Padeia project that is due this coming Friday, April 15 - your student should be informing you about it as well. A one-pager reading assignment is due this Friday as well.

PE: We will learn how to play Eclipse Ball Jr. this week!

Pre-Algebra (Kiser): Measures of center, variability, and mean absolute deviation. We must be careful with the computation this week.

Pre-Algebra (Kralt): Equation work, equations and more equations. We will finish the work for chapter 10 this week, with an eye on a test next Tuesday (April 19).

Orchestra: Welcome Back! We will warm-up on lots of scales and review sheet music for our concert on Fine Arts Night-Thursday, April 28th! Be sure to call me or stop in if you ever have any questions or concerns.

Science: Planning on a quiz over Investigation 4 on Thursday April 14.  Study guide has been handed out.

Spanish:  We will spend the week practicing with and reviewing our verbs from our “Verbs to know” list. There will be a TEST the following week (week of April 18.)

Eighth Grade:

Dessert Theater:  Are there any parents interested in carpooling some students down to Caledonia to see their performance of High School Musical, Jr?  A group of Caledonia students came to see ours, and there has been interest from students in seeing theirs Friday, April 22nd.  I can help facilitate the carpooling, if anyone is interested!  

Algebra (Witte):  We are starting Chapter 10 this week. We are learning how to work with polynomials.

Algebra (8th): We will review scientific notation and will learn about exponential growth.

Band:  Fine Arts Night - April 28 - add to your calendar - this will be our big Spring Concert Extravaganza!

Bible:  We will look at Christ's instructions to his disciples after the resurrection this week.  April Bible memory due on the 28th.

Geometry: We will continue our look at proportions and shape changes.  We will finish the work for Chapter 12 this week. The final exam is within sight!  You have the first of three exam review packets, the answers will be available this week. Mrs.Kralt

History:  This week we will continue our study on the Civil War.

Language Arts: Our penultimate unit in 8th grade will a run-down of grammar, focusing on parts of speech and sentence fluency. Students will be diagramming sentences. The 7th chapter of the Book of Memories project will be due next Friday (April 22). Because of the Willing to Wait program, the 8th graders will be alternating between Bible and LA during the oncoming days. Students will be given information regarding this accommodated schedule.

PE: We will learn how to play Eclipse Ball Jr. this week!

Orchestra: Welcome Back! We will warm-up our fingers and bowing on lots of scales and review.  Our big concert is Fine Arts Night- Thursday,April 28th! Be sure to put it on your schedule! Call me if you ever have any questions or concerns!

Science: We continue a study of sedimentary rocks. Igneous rocks are up next.

Spanish:   We will be working with gustar and reviewing for our upcoming test the following week:  8A on April 18, 8B on April 19th.   INVITATION:  Parents who like authentic Mexican food - Please join us Monday, May 23rd, at 7 Mares for an “Immersion Lunch.”  It’s ok if you don’t speak Spanish; the 8th graders can order for you!  Contact Sra. Weaver for details


Spring soccer schedules have been sent out.  If you did not receive a schedule please contact Ms. Prins.

The swim meet for grades 6-8 has a time change.  The swim meet will still take place on Saturday, April 23 @ Calvin College.  However, the time has been moved to 4:00pm, warm-ups will begin at 3:00pm.