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Alan Musch

Faith is very important to me. I am thankful to my parents for raising me in a Christian home and sending me to a Christian school while growing up. It's one thing to be taught everything about the life of Jesus, it's another thing to accept him into your life. I try to live my life that is one pleasing to God.

I graduated from Calvin College in 2006 with a degree in Information Systems. I have been working at Ada Christian School since the fall of 2006. I have loved watching how technology has changed during the time I have been here. We have gone from one computer lab for the entire school, to a lab with laptop carts, to each middle school student with their own laptop, to an increasing number of iPads in the lower Elementary.  It will be fun to find out where we go next!

I live in Grand Rapids with my wife, daughter, and dog. We enjoy working on house projects, camping, being outside, and traveling around the country. I also enjoy researching and playing with all new technologies and have loved working at Ada Christian. 

It is a privilege to work at Ada Christian School where we get to help instil the life and work of Christ in our students in everything we do.