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Middle School Matters - Jan 27, 2017

General Announcements:

Thank you so much to so many who helped our Exploratory week to be a great success. We have had a great time learning together. Thank you so much again!!!

Parent teacher conferences are coming up on Feb 16 and 23. To support our teachers during these long work days, we would like to provide them with dinner. We could use your help. Please sign up to volunteer if you are able to bring food.

Fifth Grade:

Band: We had a quiz this week - - it appears that much practicing has happened. :) We are thankful! Please keep up the good work of practicing - it is GREAT for the brain and for learning the “Long Obedience in the Same Direction” of life. :)

Bible: The 5th graders have begun working on different Jesus plays in Mr. Hoo’s class. Some of them follow Pilgrim’s Progress, others fit in with our Jesus Project in other ways. They are also writing news reports on the miracles of Jesus.

Language Arts: We are finishing up typing, revising, and editing our biography reports. To go along with this report we will be writing a short speech for our wax museum. Our wax museum date is Friday, February 10. This will be a low-key, student focused afternoon. Most students will come in a basic costume and/or prop. Also, BOB is half done. Please encourage your 5th grader to keep reading! Fill out those reading tickets.

Math: Our first fraction quiz will be next Wednesday. This will cover greatest common factor, least common multiple, ordering fractions, and writing fractions as decimals. There are plenty of resources on that the 5th graders could use for reinforcement at home. We will be reviewing in class on Monday and Tuesday.

Orchestra: Practice p.33 in All for Strings to learn all notes on the G string. Also work on sheet music! Playing quiz next week.

PE: The 5th graders were impressive ultimate frisbee players the past couple weeks! We will begin our floor hockey unit next week.

Spanish: Fashion Show on Tuesday! Students will work with their partners to write sentences describing their “model,” then model their latest creations to the class.

Sixth Grade:

Band: Yay! We get to have band again - - I have missed them! We are almost done with our book - - this means we will have a book party soon! This week we will do a final review and complete our book.

Bible: We will switch Bible teachers this week. 6K will go to Mrs. Westrate for class. 6W will go to Mrs. Koetje for class.

History: Mesopotamia Project #1 due Tuesday. Project #2 due on Friday. No GSW this week.

Language Arts: We will finish up short stories and work on a persuasive writing piece.

Math: We will be learning about variables and expressions.

PE: The Super Snow Bowl is now scheduled for Wednesday afternoon! Students should dress appropriately to play football outside.

Orchestra: Playing quiz next week Tuesday or Thursday- on sheet music.

Science: We will study the heating of Earth this week, looking at how the sun truly drives weather processes of all kinds on our planet.

Spanish: We will review Family and begin our “Fake Family Photo Album” next week. We will go over the project expectations and sample in class Friday, and they will have the following Monday to work on it in class.

Seventh Grade:

Band: We will work on sheet music and review fundamentals, getting back into the swing of things again.

Bible Huttenga: We will now be focusing on the concepts of thankfulness and gratitude.

History: This week we will continue our study of Africa. We will watch a film about how the sport of rugby played an important role in starting racial reconciliation in South Africa. By the end of the week we will start putting lots of pieces together as we prepare for a test on Africa the following week.

Language Arts: We will begin a new unit at the beginning of the week that will prepare us for a third novel study. We will be going through a simulation - more details will come out later, because mystery is the name of the game.

PE: We will begin our floor hockey unit next week.

Math: We will be spending next week mastering equations!

Orchestra: Playing quiz next week on Spring Breezes, Lean on Me or Cruisen.

Spanish: 7th graders will review kitchen vocabulary and verbs next week, with a quiz the following Wednesday. They are writing letters back and forth as “Pen Pals” between the classes under a pretend Hispanic name.

Eighth Grade:

Lowell High School Class of 2021 Orientation Thursday, February 9, 2017 Lowell Performing Arts Center 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM Please enter on the West side of the building. This orientation is for parents and their children who will be entering high school in the fall of 2017.

Babysitting Night: Please mark your calendars that Friday, Feb 10 our 8th graders will be running a babysitting night here at school as a fundraiser for our class trip. We would like as many of the 8th graders to participate as possible. The event will start at 5:30 and go till 9:00 pm. The 8th grade students will get more specific information and they will help plan the event over the next couple of weeks.

Algebra: We will be keep working through Chapter 7 on solving Systems of Equations this week. By the end of the week we will be reviewing for a test early the following week.

Band: We will work on sheet music, scales and review fundamentals, getting back into the swing of things again.

Bible Huttenga: Students will be completing a newspaper-writing project on the first 11 chapters of the book of Acts. Then they will begin doing a group video project about Saul/Paul’s missions.

Geometry: In geometry we will be learning about special cases with right triangles and area and perimeter.

History: This week we will be reviewing and preparing for a test on Chapter 10 on Thursday. Then we will start learning about Manifest Destiny and how Americans moved west.

Language Arts: Students will be wrapping up their utopia presentations. Afterword, they will begin reading The Giver, and learn about the Book of Memories project.

PE: We will begin our floor hockey unit next week.

Orchestra: Playing quiz next week on Spring Breezes, Lean on Me and Cruisen.

Science: We begin a study of light this week.

Spanish: 8th graders will be creating and presenting their Breakfast skits next week. They will have time to work on Tuesday, and will present on Thursday. They are welcome to bring in additional props.


FASTPITCH PITCHING CLINIC: Tuesdays, Feb 28, March 07 & 14 3:00-4:00pm. No cost. Email Coach DK,