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Middle School Matters - Jan 13, 2017

General Announcements:

Grades 6-8 have exploratory week Jan 24-27.

Fifth Grade:

PowerSchool Parent Accounts This next week your 5th grade student will be coming home with information about how you can set up your PowerSchool Parent account. PowerSchool allows students and parents to see grades in real time. For more information about PowerSchool at ACS, visit the PowerSchool Information posted on our website and read the paper coming home next week.

Band: We didn’t all get to meet this past week due to snow days - - keep up the practice at home!

Bible: The 5th graders have begun an in depth look at Jesus’ life and work here on earth. Either through illustrations of the teachings of Jesus, written accounts of “modern day implications” of the parables, or discussions on His miracles, we are knee-deep in exploring who Jesus was/is and what He came to do.

Language Arts: We are in the midst of both reading for BOB and writing our biography reports. Please continue reading at home and sending in the green sheets, they count for half of the BOB grade!

Math: It’s all about fractions! Students are simplifying, ordering and beginning to understand fractions. In the coming weeks we will be converting fractions into mixed numbers and vice versa.

PE: We will be playing ultimate frisbee next week!

Science: We are beginning a new unit in Science: The Earth and Sun. We are doing some cool experiments with the position of the Sun and the shadow it casts…..and how that changes with the season and time of day because of the tilt of the Earth as it spins once a day on it’s “axis”.  The kids will come home with directions to a simple sundial they can make for a little extra credit in science.

Social Studies: We have finished our unit “Young Nation” and move on to the eighteenth century: Expansion West, Civil War, Industrial Revolution…..

Spanish: We continue with our Clothing Unit. Next week, students will present mini fashion shows with partners!

Sixth Grade:

Band: So….we will get our duet quiz in next week, since we had a couple snow days this week.

Bible (6K - Koetje): Students will have various memory verses from the book of Isaiah.

Bible (6W - Westrate): We’ve wrapped up a study on Proverbs with a great discussion about Proverbs 6:16-19 and how to live lives steeped in wisdom (ask your 6th grader about the Hebrew word we learned). We’ve begun a study of the book of Psalms. We’re already finding evidence of words pointing to Jesus in poems and songs written many years before his birth! Encourage your 6th grader to read some Psalms in their Bible over the next few weeks.

History: We will be continuing our study of Mesopotamia this week.

Language Arts: Students will take the DEA next Tuesday and Wednesday in language arts class. We continue to work on grammar and short stories.

Math: We will begin to study equations! Students will also be taking the DEA next Thursday and Friday.

PE: We are busy preparing for the Super Snow Bowl! The big day is Friday, January 20. Take a look at Moodle to see what it is all about.

Science: We will have a quiz over Investigation 5 on Tue 01.17. There is a review guide posted on our class moodle page to assist them in organizing their study time. Students are encouraged to highlight in their notebooks, use sticky notes to summarize and mark important information for easy reference as they study. Students are reminded that to demonstrate true understanding of a concept, they may be asked to apply it in a new way.

Spanish: 6th graders worked on Quia #6 today, which will be counted as an open-note quiz on making comparisons. As with daily assignments, they are welcome to do this assignment as many times as they wish until they are happy with their score. (I will be taking their best scores submitted by Monday’s class.) Remind them that they may email me with questions! Next week, we begin our unit on La Familia.

Seventh Grade:

Algebra (7th): We will continue our study of chapter 9 (Quadratic equation) and have a test on Friday next week.

Band: We will begin dessert theatre music very soon!

Bible: We will be finishing our sanctification/haiku projects.

Language Arts: 7th graders will be taking the LA portion of the DEA test on Monday, January 16. They should bring a novel to read if they finish early. Students will also have a quest on the book Trouble on Wednesday. They have access to a study guide. For the rest of the week, we will continue working on the organism monologues.

PE: We will wrap up our flag football unit next week.

Math: We will begin studying equations. Students will be taking the DEA on Thursday and Friday.

Pre-Algebra: We are simplifying Expressions. Our Chapter test is on Friday, Jan 20. An online practice test will be given to students as well as the study guide and review on page 321 in their textbook.

Science: We will begin studying investigation 5 on Igneous Rocks. Investigation 5 Quest will be combined with Investigation 6.

Spanish: 7th graders did a great job with verb conjugations playing Verb Battleship, and will be writing a response letter in Spanish to an imaginary pen pal next week. With our understanding of verbs, we will be doing more reading and writing now!

Eighth Grade:

GRCHS Info Night was moved to Jan 19 due to snow/ice. See your email for information.

NorthPointe Christian High School Information Night Tuesday, January 17th at 6:45 p.m. You are invited to discover more about NorthPointe's high performing athletics, college prep academics, award-winning fine arts, vibrant spiritual community, and much more! Details and RSVP available at or contact Mrs. Noll at .

Lowell High School Class of 2021 Orientation Thursday, February 9, 2017 Lowell Performing Arts Center 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM Please enter on the West side of the building. This orientation is for parents and their children who will be entering high school in the fall of 2017.

Band: Scale quizzes will be next week.

Bible (Huttenga): 8th graders will have the week to work on their newspapers covering the events in the first 11 chapters of the book of Acts.

Bible (Westrate): Memory work quiz (Matthew 16:13-16) is on Mon 01.16. We’re understanding more and more about God’s purpose for the organization and content of the book of Matthew.

Geometry: We will be studying the Pythagorean Theorem and students will be taking the DEA on Thursday and Friday.

Language Arts: 8th graders will be taking the LA portion of the DEA test on Monday, January 16. They will be spending the rest of the week finishing and presenting their utopia projects.

PE: We will wrap up our flag football unit next week.

Pre-Algebra Enhanced: The ch 6 test on Percent has been moved to Monday, Jan 16. Today students made a test tip sheet in class with several IXL’s to practice over the weekend. We will review complete a mid year review just before taking our 2nd DEA on Thursday and Friday.

Science: A quiz over investigation 1-2 will take place on Mon 01.16. We will continue to investigate sound this week. A brief study of light is up next.

Spanish: Due to impeccable timing of Snow Days this week, 8th graders had no Spanish. We will begin our next unit on breakfast next week.