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Middle School Matters - Feb 15, 2019

General Announcements

Exploratory Week Helpers Needed: Feb 26 - Mar 01 is our new Exploratory Week. We are very excited to offer this week to our 6th - 8th grade students. We are in the need for parents to help with driving and chaperoning a few of our groups during the week. If you have time to spend with our students, please check out this Sign-Up Genius to sign-up. Thanks!

Fifth Grade:

BOB Extravaganza: Reminder that Thurs, Feb 21 is the BOB Extravaganza from 10:30am-2:00pm. No need to pack a lunch as we will eat pizza and breadsticks at Heritage CRC.

SEED: Thank you for all of the hard work that was put into the SEED Market! Stay tuned to find out how much money was raised and where the money is being donated.

Band: We are working on “The Good Life” - we are quizzing on this song - it is a great solo for us to learn! We will continue to work through our books, learning fundamentals of music and techniques to produce excellent sounds.

Bible: This week in Bible we finished up Daniel 1-6 and took a BOB quiz. We also began reading Pilgrim’s Progress by Gary Schmidt and continued working on the Paralytic retelling and Feeding the 5,000 Interview. The Paralytic retelling is due Wed, Feb 20 - 5 character traits, 5 descriptive adjectives, 1pg, double-spaced, and 12pt font. A 4-6pt Bible Memory is due Fri, Mar 01 (note change in date).

Language Arts: BOB ends on Tuesday, Feb 19. Finish strong. We will celebrate on Thursday with the BOB Extravaganza. When we are not working on BOB, we are reviewing reading and writing strategies in class. Also, a new spelling list will be coming home next week.

Math: This week we continued to learn about fractions and decimals - how to use the GCF to simplify fractions, how to use the LCM to compare fractions, and how to convert fractions to decimals. Here is the practice test (due Tues, Feb 19) and answer key for chapter 8.The Chapter 8 test is Wed, Feb 20. Looking for a way to give your child extra support? Attached is a list of IXLs & videos associated with each math lesson for chapter 8. Keep practicing math facts by playing Multiplication Grand Prix.

Orchestra: This week be sure to practice 60 minutes and have a parent SIGN your practice sheet! Hand in your practice sheet on Thursday!  Work on sheet music-- St. Lawrence O. and numbers 90 - 100 in your technique book.

Science: A test over mixtures and solutions will take place Wednesday. A review sheet was handed out this week and will be checked on Monday. Make sure your student uses his or her science notebook to help fill it out to the best of their ability.

Social Studies: We will begin our next unit on the 13 colonies!

Sixth Grade:

Chicken Checker & Got Yolk: Please look at the sign up to indicate when your family will be taking a turn to help out on the weekend. We ask that all families take at least 1 turn per trimester.

Devotion Sign-up: Sign up to lead devotions for our 6th Graders on a Thur (8:00-8:10am) this school year. We love to have parents and guests come to share a story, song, verse, prayer or devotional with us. We have many open dates for the next several months!

Band: Wow - we are FLYING through our book - it’s amazing to hear and see. Another quiz next week. Keep encouraging regular practice at home, this is our homework for band.

Bible: We continue to investigate the character of Christ. Students are doing a great job discussing and thinking deeply.

History: We will continue to talk about culture and begin our Culture Web Project for World Fair.

Language Arts: The 6th graders are busy learning about sentence dissection, reading stories about cultures, and researching cultural etiquette around the world.

Math: We are wrapping up Equations. A study guide and practice test were given on Friday. Our Equation test will be on Wed, Feb 19.

Orchestra: Practice homework for this week--100 minutes and be sure to have a parent sign your practice sheet. Hand it in on Thursday, Feb 21. Thanks for all of your great string playing.

Science: We are researching sources of energy and ways to save energy. We will be presenting our research to each other this coming week and will discuss how the theme of energy relates to our Christian calling to redeem and restore God’s creation.

Seventh Grade:

Band: We are working on a number of different types of music from marches to overtures to feature pieces while also studying our method books. It’s going really well….the most recent quiz was extra awesome.

Bible Huttenga: Students are working their way into our unit on Thankfulness. They are reflecting on people who have made an impact on their lives and working on a project that will help them express their gratitude towards those people in writing.

History: We will continue our study of the history of Africa. We will be spending some time learning about the story of the Lost Boys of Sudan.

Language Arts: These snow days have really backlogged our journey through Trouble. We are trying to catch up, but the “quest” for the book will be moved back to after exploratories. We also haven’t been able to do as much language study as initially planned, but we are now ramping that up as well and will be focusing on nouns and verbs in the coming days. The ProCon research project will be launched at the beginning of T3.

Pre-Algebra (Kiser): Students are currently reviewing for our Expression Test on Tues, Feb 18. They have a moodle practice test to complete prior to the test.

Orchestra: We are playing such a variety of music right now- the jazz music for the Feb 28 concert with Randy Sabien and also music for the dessert theatre in March. Be ready to play Blue Fire Fiddler and Palladio for a playing quiz this week.

Eighth Grade:

8th Bible in T3: Heads up - for the last third of the year, 8th graders will be in a combined Bible class co-taught by Mrs. VanNoord and Mr. Huttenga. The focus of the trimester will be the student-driven Plumb Bob project. Stay tuned for more info.

Algebra: Next week we will be learning about exponents and exponential functions.

Band: We are studying many genres of music, and had a quiz Thursday. Encourage regular practice at home!

Bible (Huttenga): The homework calendar contains all the day-to-day work deadlines for The Case for Faith. Two other projects are due on Thu Feb 21: a parent interview and an essay titled “Articulation of Faith (So Far)”.

Bible(Van Noord): Final Bible Exam on Thu Feb 21. All work is due before that date. Check Moodle/Google Classroom for due dates.

History: Our focus in 8th grade history is Western Expansion and Manifest Destiny. We will be learning about the Oregon Trail, the California Gold Rush, and the Mexican-American War among other topics.

Language Arts: 8th graders are writing their first memoir, focusing on a key event from their childhood. We’re working intensely on several techniques including sensory details, dialogue, and anchoring audience into thoughts and feelings. The hope is to complete the essay by Thu Feb 21. Giver unit may begin this week.

Orchestra: Be ready to play any and all parts of Blue Fire Fiddler and Palladio for me this week! Practice 100 minutes- and have a parent sign your practice record.

Pre-Algebra: Students are currently reviewing for our Expression Test on Tues, Feb 18. They have a moodle practice test to complete prior to the test.