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Middle School Matters - Feb 12, 2016

General Announcements:

Parent Teacher Conferences:

  • 5th Grade – Your scheduled conference (93 KB PDF) is with your child’s homeroom teacher
  • Middle School – Thursday, Feb 18 4:30-7:30pm in the Commons with Middle School Teachers.

Fifth Grade:

Symphony Field Trip: The 5th Grade Grand Rapids Symphony field trip is Feb 24. Please fill out this permission slip if you have not already done so. Thank you so much!

Art: 5th grade continues to work on the still-life project using Georges Seurat's style as our inspiration.

Band: Our Song 100 Party is Thursday, Feb 18! See your email for further details of this grand event. Can you send a treat? Let Mrs. VN know!

Bible: Pilgrim’s Progress and Jesus plays with Mr. Hoo, and learning all about the calling of the 12 Disciples in the Bible.

Language Arts: The 5th graders are finding themes in various stories, and continuing their work with literary essays.

Math: We have moved on to mixed numbers - adding & subtracting, and converting mixed number to improper fractions and vice versa.

Orchestra: Our Song 100 Party was a great celebration. Thanks for all of your help. Now onto the next super string ideas: Slurs-pages 28 and 29. Practice these new bowings, and be sure to learn the notes in Simple Square Dance also.

PE: We have been putting our badminton knowledge and skills to the test in doubles badminton games! We will wrap up our badminton unit next week with more doubles play.

Science: Each 5th grader is studying a star, which is part of a larger constellation. They are becoming experts on their star, and will share their information with their classmates soon.

Social Studies: The Canada unit is done, and the test and worksheets came home in the take-home folder yesterday.

STEP: (brief update on lessons and activities) For the past few months we have been focused on problem solving using a variety of math activities and equations. We have also looked at building and designing structures for stability and height. We have designed “airplanes” to fly the farthest distance, looking at wing design as a factor. One week's focus was on spacial awareness in relationship to other shapes and puzzles. Each week a paper with brain game activities are sent with the student to continue to develop problem solving skills. -Mrs. DeWeerd

Sixth Grade:

Art: All 3 self-portraits are due next week. Some students have yet to finish the Picasso styled self portrait. We will be working on watercolor painting in class. Please check the homework calendar for project due dates and homework.

Band: We have a lot of music to work on! Practice is great for the brain. Please encourage good practice habits at home. Thank you so much for your support of your student. Practice and work are not always fun, but they are very important in life as well as music!

Bible: Bible Memory - 10 Commandments # 1-3 due on Wednesday. Bible Test on Unit 3 on Monday - Feb 15.

History: This past week we finished our study of world cultures, and are beginning a unit on Ancient Greece. This will include a variety of activities and “Olympic Games”. Stay tuned for more information on dates and times.

Language Arts: Students will be working on a culture poem next week (rough draft due on Wednesday, Feb 17) and possibly beginning the research process of their assigned country.

Math: This past week we have finished our chapter about equations. We will be beginning a new chapter about functions and inequalities.

PE: We have been putting our badminton knowledge and skills to the test in doubles badminton games! We will wrap up our badminton unit next week with more doubles play.

Orchestra: We worked on some of our sheet music in trios and quartets this week-and had lots of fun. There are lots of new pieces to work on -so keep practicing!

Science: We’ve completed our water unit. Next up: chemical interactions!

Seventh Grade:

Algebra (7th): Planning on the Ch 8 test on Thursday.

Art: 7th grade has began a Lousie Nevelson sculpture project. Ask your student about who Lousie Nevelson is. Lego self portraits are due for 7h and 7b next Wednesday and Wednesday 2/24 for 7w. Please check the homework calendar for sketchbook and project due dates.

Band: Wow - we arrived at Song 100 this past week, and celebrated on 2/11 with a party. Sweet!

Bible: We’ll be taking a break from our Old Testament lessons and will be doing a study from 1 Corinthians and also will be looking at the topic of prayer.

History: Next week we will continue our study of Latin America. We will be taking a map quiz on identifying the countries in Latin America on Wednesday.

Language Arts: 7th graders have finished reading the book Trouble by Gary Schmidt. In the coming week, we will begin reviewing for a test based on the book. The test won’t be until after we return from winter break - a specific date will be announced in the coming week, and students can anticipate a review guide and book summary to be available on Moodle. In the meantime, 7th graders can expect to spend most of their class time doing research for the Paideia project. More information on the project will be sent home to parents in future emails.

PE: We have been putting our badminton knowledge and skills to the test in doubles badminton games! We will wrap up our badminton unit next week with more doubles play and a short quiz. A review sheet can be found on Moodle.

Pre-Algebra (Kiser): We are solving multi-step equations. Students must show each step.

Pre-Algebra: We will begin a new chapter about fractions, decimals and percents.

Orchestra: Focus on Sonata Vivant - notes, counting, etc, There are lots of string crossings so just focus on the difficult passages, Learn Beach Spring -especially the long tied notes. Keep an eye on accidentals too.

Science: Continuing our study of the characteristics of life.

Eighth Grade:

NorthPointe Christian Event: 8th Grade students and families are invited to visit NorthPointe Christian High School on Tuesday, Mar 1 at 7:00pm, for our Information Night. Discover more about NorthPointe's high performing athletics, college prep academics, award-winning fine arts, vibrant spiritual community, and much more!

RSVP appreciated. Questions? Contact Brittany Johnson (616.942.0350 x276, )

Algebra (Witte): Next week we will be working through Ch 8 on using exponents.  

Algebra (8th): Algebra is getting harder as we have started Ch 7; solving systems of equations. Our goal is to take the next few chapters at whatever pace we need so students feel success. Please encourage your student as we work through these concepts.

Art: 8th grade spent the week painting their Frank Stella Family projects. Next week we will begin our clay unit. Please ask your student about their idea for what their pot might look like. All Frank Stella family project materials will be turned in next week Wednesday-8b and Thursday-8a. Check the homework calendar for project due dates and sketchbook homework.

Band: We can play 8+ scales perfectly; both Major and minor. These 8th graders just blaze through scales - - they are awesome.

Bible: Finishing our study on the characteristics of Jesus. Final test/project will be explained this week.

Geometry: We are beginning a short unit about solid 3D figures.

History: We will start our study of Western Expansion next week. We will learn about manifest destiny, the Oregon Trail, and the events surrounding the Mexican-American War.

Language Arts: The 8th graders have finished reading The Giver by Lois Lowry. We will be spending the next week unpacking the big themes behind the story, focusing heavily on the ending (which is notorious for leaving students confused and unsatisfied). Through all of this, students will be introduced to the “Christ Figure” in literature, and discuss the love of sacrifice. We also may view some films: a short film titled “World of Tomorrow” which has been nominated for an Academy Award this year and touches on the ideas of memory in the future and the value of struggle and pain. We also may watch the 2014 film adaptation of the Giver, but that is not set in stone as of yet. Students can expect a test on The Giver when we return from mid-winter break.

PE: We have been putting our badminton knowledge and skills to the test in doubles badminton games! We will wrap up our badminton unit next week with more doubles play and a short quiz. A review sheet can be found on Moodle.

Science: We’re studying moon craters and planets in the solar system. A test over a portion of our Planetary Science unit will take place on Mar 02.


Registrations are open for Spring Sports – Sign up now! The deadline to register is 11:45pm Tuesday, Feb 16