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Summer Covenant Care

June 10 - Aug 08

Summer Covenant Care is for students enrolled at ACS for the 2024-2025 school year in Kindergarten — 5th Grade.

Program Details

Summer Covenant Care is a program offered June 10 through Aug 08, 2024 at Ada Christian School. Your children will enjoy fun filled summer activities, outdoor education, specials classes, and daily devotions.




Daily Rate: $50 per day


Children attending Summer Covenant Care are required to be enrolled in Kindergarten — 5th grade for the 2024-2025 at Ada Christian School.

Enrollment is limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

To secure your child’s enrollment, please fill out the online Summer Covenant Care registration form and submit along with the $75 registration fee.

This summer we are offering two scheduling options.

Option 1: Daily Schedule

The daily schedule allows you to select specific days for your kids to attend consistently each week for the duration of the summer.

Option 2: Weekly Schedule

The weekly schedule allows you to select specific weeks in which your kids will attend everyday.

Registration Details

Please email Covenant Care Director, , for availability. 

Q & A

Q: After I register, will I be able to make changes to my child’s schedule. 
A: We will honor those requests depending on availability. You will be expected to honor the commitment made at registration. 

Q: Can I sign up for half day?  
A: We are not able to offer half day options at this time. Students who only attend for a half a day will still be charged for a full day.

Q: Is there a deposit? 
A: Deposit is non-refundable and $75 to secure your placement. 

Q: Will my child still be able to go to the other summer camps offered at ACS? 
A: Yes; however, you would still need to register and pay for those programs separately. 

Q: What ages of kids will be together? 
A: Programming will be separate for entering grades K-1st and 2nd - 5th. 

Q: Do I need to send a snack and lunch with my child each day? 
A: Yes. Snack and lunches will not be provided.  

Q: What supplies will my child need?
A: School supplies will be provided by Ada Christian. There may be days, depending on the programming that your child is asked to bring something.  

Q: How does payment work? 
A: Payment will be charged through the F.A.C.T.S. program. Charges will be billed monthly. 

Q: Is this program open to the general public? 
A: This program is for families with children enrolled at Ada Christian School for the 2023-2024 school year.

Q: Is this program offered for preschool students?
A: Due to licensing requirements we are only able to offer care for K-5th grade students at this time.