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Linda Slotsema

Christian Education has been a priority in our lives throughout the generations. My father hitchhiked from Dutton, MI to downtown Grand Rapids in order to attend Grand Rapids Christian High School. Dan and I both attended Christian Schools and Dan paid much of his own high school tuition. In 2013, our sixth child graduated from Grand Rapids Christian High School and will end our 26 year history with the Grand Rapids Christian Schools. Our support for Christian Education is intentional and we value the investment we have made. All of God's children reap a tremendous benefit from the Christian Education experience.

For the past ten years, I have worked as a para-professional in the Inclusion Program at Ada Christian. My duties involve working with the special needs students individually as well as adapting the content class work so these students can be successful in the classroom. I am also available to work with individual regular education students on an "as needed" basis. Prior to my employment at Ada Christian, I worked in a number of school settings in both regular and special education. I have also worked as an aide in Governor Milliken's office and as an aide to Congressmen Sawyer, Henry and Ehlers.

I graduated from Calvin College with a degree in Secondary Education English Education. I have been married to Daniel Slotsema for forty-one years. Dan is also a graduate of Calvin College and Cooley Law School. Dan works as an attorney with a small law firm in Grand Rapids, We have six children ranging in age from 31 to 19. Two of the six are married and we have three grandchildren. We live in the Garfield Park Neighborhood and attend Lagrave Ave CRC.