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Bill Hoogstrate

Kids! Learning adventures. Our Creator’s beautiful world. The energy and excitement of youth. Boundless potential. For over three decades I’ve come to work surrounded by all of these things wrapped up in the spirit, mind and body of 10 year olds. All I can do is smile and be thankful for a job I have loved.

Every year I head to the woods for five days with my students. Three days in the spring and two days in the fall for outdoor learning experiences. I am presently developing elements of outdoor education for all our students in grades K - 8. Our school grounds are beautiful: woodlots, fields, wetlands, pond, prairie with wildflowers (soon to be developed). A greenhouse and a rustic meeting barn with reclaimed timbers are being built. Watch our website for information on all the ways our kids will be learning outdoors in the near future.

As a kid I tromped in the woods with my dad, fished trout streams, and slept outdoors with him in homemade shelter (think plastic tarp and string). I have 6 siblings and there wasn’t money for something like a tent. I went to Calvin College off and on for 7 years. Throw in hiking the Appalachian Trail, western mountains, Grand Canyon, working on a farm to get to 7. I graduated from Calvin College in the 80’s. I have three adult kids. I miss the years that I’d come home from school and play in the backyard with them, but alas, we all have to “grow up”. My two boys graduated from Calvin College and my daughter from Hope College.

Like their dad, they have chosen professions where they are with kids all day.