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ACS is seeking a new
School Principal

Position Details

The principal is hired by the School Board to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of Ada Christian School. The principal is responsible for the overall management of the school, implementation and administration of all educational programs, and oversees all Ada Christian School faculty and staff members. In keeping with the school’s mission, the principal fosters the relationships and practices that support the vision and school climate. The principal has overall responsibility for School Board relations, student instruction and faculty/staff development, community relations, and institutional advancement. The Administrative Job Descriptions are reviewed by the Board Executive Committee once every three years during the formal evaluation process.

Position Title: Principal
Accountability: The Principal reports to the Ada Christian School Board.

Required Education

The position requires a Master’s degree (M.A.) from a four-year college or university, five to ten years of related experience or equivalent combination of education and experience. Commitment to the mission of Christian education and an in-depth understanding of and commitment to the Reformed tradition of Christianity. S/he must subscribe and adhere to the school’s Statement of Beliefs.

Vision and school climate

  • Articulate and implement the mission of Ada Christian School in communication with others, the establishment of positive school climate, and the implementation of effective programs.
  • Promote and maintain a positive school atmosphere that is conducive to learning, including the efficient, safe, and economical use of the school’s resources.
  • Exemplify Christian leadership for faculty, staff and community.
  • Maintain a safe atmosphere in the school, with proper supervision of students.
  • Update the Crisis Response Plan and oversee communication and training of the faculty and staff for its implementation.
  • Ensure that the public image of the school is one of prompt service, loving concern for children, cooperation and courteous treatment of all constituents and friends of ACS.

School Board Relations

  • Serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the school, reporting directly to the School Board.
  • Serve as an advisor to the School Board on vision and policy issues, and implement duties as assigned by the Board.
  • Attend all board meetings and attend standing committee meetings as needed.
  • Establish annual goals with input from the Executive Committee.
  • Prepare monthly reports for the Board and other committees, as requested.
  • Work closely with the President of the Board.

Instruction and faculty and staff development

  • Encourage and plan for the professional growth of faculty and staff members, with respect to the distinctiveness of the Christian school, improved instruction, student needs, collegial efforts, and community relationships.
  • Supervise the instructional process as it is implemented in each classroom, making sure the needs of individual students are being met and proper student records are maintained.
  • With the faculty, develop and implement the stated curriculum for all grades, maintaining an updated curriculum guide.
  • Appraise and evaluate the work of employees as stated in the evaluation schedule, keeping accurate records of this process.
  • Promote a positive spirit with the staff, building a sense of community and fostering good morale.
  • Oversee school student issues of academic, social, spiritual, and disciplinary natures.
  • Meet with parents on discipline matters related to school students.
  • Work with the Director of the Preschool in the oversight of its staff, programs and state requirements.
  • Work with the Director of Covenant Care in the oversight of its staff, programs and state requirements.
  • Work with the Student Support Services personnel and provide programming oversight.
  • Determine the personnel needs of the school, make recommendations to the proper committees, recruit outstanding candidates, and recommend the employment of these candidates to the Board.

Community relations

  • Interview each new family applying to ACS, with clear communication of the Reformed principles of Christian education, as well as the program, policies and processes of the school.
  • Communicate with parents, constituents, faculty, and staff on a regular basis, keeping them informed of schedules, policies, procedures, and the benefits of Christian education at ACS.
  • Promptly investigate and evaluate complaints and problems that come to the attention of the Principal. Maintain confidentiality and follow the principles of Matthew 18.
  • Be an effective witness for Christ and Christian education to the broader community.

Office responsibilities

  • Oversee the administrative staff and evaluate the effectiveness of their work.
  • Plan with the Business Office to evaluate the future budgetary needs of ACS, and operate the school within the adopted budget inasmuch as it is within the Principal’s power to do so, and plan with the Board for the future budgetary needs of ACS.
  • Monitor the operating budget of the school in such a way that there is prompt receipting of income and payment of bills, proper reporting to committees, and good communication with the Board regarding financial problems or concerns.
  • Oversee the preparation and process of documents for application, enrollment and financial aid.
  • Prepare a calendar for each school year.
  • Oversee the prompt completion of school documents and reports to various agencies.
  • Oversee the maintenance of school records according to school law.

Institutional Advancement

  • Working with the Director of Advancement, provide leadership and support to all admissions, marketing and public relations, and development efforts.
  • Working with the Director of Advancement and the Board, establish and implement goals and strategies to advance the school’s mission.

Ready to Apply?

Here's what we need to know.

Basic Information

Degree received, date, institution granting the degree

Along with:

  • a cover letter of interest
  • a current resume
  • copies of your Undergraduate and Graduate Transcripts

Provide the following information:

  1. Please tell us about yourself, including church membership and involvement, family, and activities you enjoy

  2. Statement of Faith – describe your relationship with Jesus Christ and share how that influences your work

  3. Statement of philosophy of Christian eduction – please share your understanding of Christian education.

  4. Written answer to the following question – What are the essential characteristics of a high-performing Christian school?

Include the following statement and data in your response:

In consideration of the receipt and evaluation of this application by Ada Christian School, I agree and represent that the information contained in the application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I also authorize any references listed on this application, or not identified in this application, to provide Ada Christian School, if asked, information regarding my character and fitness for employment.

Signature (may be electronic)

Submit Your Application

Please email the information listed above to Allison Ferwerda and Glenn Triezenberg, Search Committee Co-chairs.

Ada Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, or national or ethnic origin. Prior to employment, all candidates must undergo a background check that includes fingerprinting and a performance check with former employers, in accordance with state law.