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ACS is seeking a 5th-8th Grade Athletic Director

The Athletic Director will ensure all students in 5th through 8th grade have opportunities to participate in extracurricular athletic activities that foster “life lessons on the field/court.” The athletic activities should nurture physical skills, a sense of worth and competence, a knowledge and understanding of the pleasures of the sport and the principles of fair play while supporting Ada Christian School’s mission to “Equip students for service in God’s world.” 

In addition to the oversight and supervision of our current athletic programming, the Athletic Director will continuously develop and cast a vision for the future of our programming.

The weekly work schedule is flexible. There will be some evening league and parent meetings, monthly meetings with PurePlay Coordinator and Assistant Athletic Director(s) and monthly meetings with the principal during the school year. (Hourly position - approximately 20 hours/week)

Reports to: Principal



  • Commitment to the mission of Christian education and an in-depth understanding of and commitment to the Reformed tradition of Christianity
  • Experience with and knowledge of middle school athletics
  • Teaching experience preferred
  • First aid, CPR, concussion training or eligibility for certification

Personal Traits

  • Redeemed by Christ and committed to serve Him in all that they do.
  • Model Christ and principles of Scripture in:
    • Relationships of love and respect with students, staff and parents
    • Personal and professional choices
    • Hygiene, dress and speech
  • Practice of the fruits of the Holy Spirit: love, joy, patience, kindness, self-control, faithfulness and truthfulness.
  • Demonstrate service to Christ by carrying out responsibilities conscientiously and consistently, with a focus on others rather than self.
  • Demonstrate support for the mission, vision and goals of Ada Christian School.
  • Intentionally seek to apply Reformed Christian perspective to areas of their responsibility.
  • Collaborate as valuable contributors to staff community and work, with a willingness to learn, discuss and make appropriate changes.
  • Personality that is friendly, optimistic, and positive. 
  • Leadership qualities that inspire thinking and doing
  • Willingly follow school policies.

Work Skills

  • Ability and desire to track trends in athletics
  • Long range, strategic thinker
  • Ability to work with other members of the administration and athletic personnel from ACS and other schools
  • Ability to organize and facilitate meaningful meetings
  • Ability to speak publicly 
  •  Professional and effective written, verbal and listening communication skills
  • Ability to supervise and share constructive feedback in love and truth
  • Ability to problem solve



  • Contact and secure coaches
  • Provide information on league rules for sports and upcoming clinics
  • Equip coaches with necessary equipment that is in good working order
  • Provide coaches with necessary information and schedules 
  • Inform coaches of proper processes and procedures in case of an injury.  Follow up with the parent of an injured child, and ensure that an accident report form is filled out and filed. Inform the Principal of serious injuries.
  • Submit payment requests for coaches and assistants
  • Write thank you notes to coaches and assistants


  • Effectively communicate with parents. Provide information to parents regarding the athletic program, school’s athletic philosophy, dates of each season, and season schedules
  • Keep schedule updated on the ACS web page


  • Encourage students’ involvement in the athletic program
  • Handle athletic sign-ups and team divisions
  • Monitor distribution and return of uniforms

Practices and Games

  • Supervise after school events and monitor practices as needed, observing each coach during a practice a few times per season.
  • Oversee and attend most home Saturday events
  • Work with visiting teams to foster warm welcome and meet needs
  • Supervise ticket and concession sales at home events

Administrative Duties

  • Evaluate Coaches
  • Attend league meetings as necessary as determined by the Athletic Director (more if needed to resolve unforeseen issues)
  • Keep an accurate account of revenue and expenses per season (with the help of our accountant)
  • Collaborate regularly with PurePlay Coordinator in an effort to build our athletic program with a vision for the future 
  • Keep the Principal apprised of serious issues of concern and/or praise


Evaluated once a year for the first three years in position and once every three years following by the Principal. See Policy Book for details.

Terms of Employment:

Approximately 20 hours per week during the school year. Flexible weekly work schedule with some evening and monthly meetings required.

Ready to Apply?

Here's what we need to know.

Basic Information


We'd also like to see:

  • a cover letter
  • a resume
  • proof of certification
  • a list of references (including email addresses)

Provide the following information:

  1. Please tell us about yourself, including church membership and involvement, family, and other activities you enjoy.

  2. Describe your relationship with Jesus Christ and share how that influences your work as a Athletic Director.

  3. At ACS, we are committed to educating our students from a Reformed perspective. In your words, what does that mean? 

  4. Describe the tone and climate you believe is important, including management strategies, for the athletic department at Ada Christian School.

  5. Describe how you would effectively hire and mentor a new coach. 

  6. What are some specific strengths would you bring to this position? To our Athletic Department (PE teachers, PurePlay Coordinator)?

  7. Why are you seeking a position at Ada Christian School?

Include the following statement and data in your response:

In consideration of the receipt and evaluation of this application by Ada Christian School, I agree and represent that the information contained in the application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I also authorize any references listed on this application, or not identified in this application, to provide Ada Christian School, if asked, information regarding my character and fitness for employment.

Signature (may be electronic)

Submit Your Application

Please email the information listed above to Nate Kiser, Assistant Principal by Thursday, March 30.

Ada Christian School does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, or national or ethnic origin. Prior to employment, all candidates must undergo a background check that includes fingerprinting and a performance check with former employers, in accordance with state law.